Auburn Hills Turn the page if you've heard this story before. Charlie Villanueva said it will be different this season. He's mentally and physically healed from the scars of the past three seasons, and he plans on sending a message to the NBA. We've heard this all before, of course. But Villanueva, the Pistons forward, really believes it this time. And he's wearing his message proudly. You see, Villanueva's arms are covered with tattoos that tell the story of his family and his beliefs. He pays tribute to his mother and father and Queens, where he grew up. He has a flag of the Dominican Republic. And the Bible passages and his favorite sayings. The tattoos, Villanueva says, have cleansed him, and helped him focus. "I thought it was going to hurt more, but I liked the pain so I said let's go," Villanueva said. And there's more to come, although he has no intentions of covering his face with tattoos. "It's a joke," he said. His last chance The same can be said of Villanueva's game the past three seasons. He was injured for much of last season, but before that, he lost playing time to Jonas Jerebko and Jason Maxiell. And on a team known for its defense, Villanueva does little of that, although he loves to shoot. Still, Villanueva hasn't been what Pistons fans hoped he would be. In fact, many want to see him go.