Charlie Villanueva was probably as shocked as anyone when his name was called in the fourth quarter of Tuesday’s 89-85 loss to the Knicks, in which he played a part in their late comeback. Not to say he didn’t want in, as he was probably the lone experienced player on this roster to not receive consistent playing time, but it wouldn’t have been surprising if he had resigned himself to being glued to the bench permanently. He hasn’t made a stink publicly and usually says the right things. This instance hasn’t been different. “It’s Coach’s decision. Whatever Coach says, I’ll go with it,” Villanueva said. “He’s the captain of this ship so I’m just glad he had the confidence in me to call me. I try to make the most of my situation and it would’ve been good to come with the win.” He scored five points and had three rebounds in 10 minutes, taking six shots. He didn’t look as fluid offensively as he expected to be, but since the most consistent thing on his score sheet this season has been “Did Not Play-Coach’s Decision,” he couldn’t have expected to be a dead-eye shooter.