The festive atmosphere at The Palace Monday night was in spite of the fact there would be another May without playoff basketball in Auburn Hills. Shannon the dancing usher grooved the crowd with some Michael Jackson-like moves, bringing arguably the biggest cheer of the night. Greg Monroe had 27 points, 16 rebounds and four assists to help send the fans who came out to see Pistons' 109-101 win over the 76ers in their home finals happy. Hitting 10 of 14 shots, Monroe displayed what he's been doing this entire month of April and what will likely be expected of him in the seasons to come. The Pistons shot 50 percent from the field, closing out yet another disappointing home season with their fourth straight victory. Will Bynum had 22 points and six assists in what could turn out to be the prospective free agent's final home game as a Piston. Kyle Singler scored 16 while guards Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight combined for 20 points and 10 assists. Knight had 12 points and four assists and Stuckey eight points and six assists. Fan Appreciation night was filled with a lot of gifts, trinkets and the like from The Palace but the greatest gift, the fans believe, is to keep the party going after the middle of April.