On the heels of Sunday's 39-point beat-down by the Spurs, the March schedule does not get much easier for the Pistons. First comes Wednesday, when the Knicks visit the Palace. They have thumped the Pistons by an average of 16.7 points per game in three previous meetings. Then after a home game against the Mavericks comes a four-game trip against Western Conference opponents. The Pistons have a 4-19 record against such competition. The Pistons (23-39) also still have trips to Miami and Chicago later this month. "We've seen this now against the heavyweights," coach Lawrence Frank said. "The heavyweights are heavyweights for a reason. ... We've got New York coming into our building. Dallas (on Friday) is trying to vie for a playoff spot. Then, we go out west. So if the opponent is the excuse, we're in trouble." With a playoff berth seemingly unlikely, the fight now is to, well, keep fighting. "If you're the type of guy, as a man or player, that counts the days instead of making the days count, that's not a professional," Frank said. "That's amateurish. That's not professional in the approach. We don't have guys like that, so I don't expect that."