Credit the Thunder's Kevin Durant for honesty. Durant recently told the Daily Thunder, a blog website, that he is sometimes reluctant to toss up a half-court heave before the buzzer sounds to end a quarter. The reason is obvious -- it protects the shooting percentage. It has been an inside joke for years among media and fans, and Pistons guard Brandon Knight admitted the thought is widespread. "I can't tell you guys all the tricks, but definitely you think about that depending on how you're shooting," Knight said at Wednesday's morning shoot-around. "If you're 1-for-7 and you're all the way back here and it's 0.3 seconds left and you got a chance to get a shot off, what are the chances of you making that in 0.3 and messing up your (shooting percentage) and making your stats look worse than they are already are. He has a point, and I can tell you a lot guys do definitely think about that." Knight scored 6 points on 3-for-8 shooting in the Pistons' 96-85 win over Washington on Wednesday night. Coach Lawrence Frank thinks it's ludicrous that any player would worry about his shooting percentage in that situation. "You've taken 1,800 shots, so that three misses is really going to skew?" Frank said. "I'm not a math major, but I don't know what those eight shots are going to do ... especially if you're a really good player, you may make some of those." Knight said players can't be obvious but often will get the shot off right after the horn. "You make it look right for TV and for Coach," Knight said.