This is not acceptable anymore. That's what Pistons owner Tom Gores essentially said, and I assume it's what he meant. But they're just words, and this is a franchise in dire need of action. Lawrence Frank certainly didn't receive an endorsement from the owner Monday night, and now faces the fate of every Pistons coach. He was given an impossible task and didn't do it well, and Gores would be justified in firing him. But does it end there? Joe Dumars' job also could be in jeopardy, and his situation is more complicated, the biggest test of Gores' two-year ownership. If judged solely on the current four-year stretch that includes a 111-200 record, multiple coach firings and one infamous player insurrection, Dumars should be dismissed. On the whole of his executive career, including the 2004 NBA championship and six trips to the Eastern Conference Final, he warrants another shot. But someone has to explain the losing and the fan apathy and the inability of anyone to firmly lead a once-proud franchise. Eventually, Gores will have to do something impactful, as he promised when he bought the team. If Frank was the owner's choice — not Dumars' choice — then Gores needs to admit his mistake and fire him. It's hard to trust Dumars to hire yet another coach, but Gores has to show complete faith, or get rid of both. "I'd say I expected better results," Gores said before the Pistons closed their home schedule with a 109-101 victory over the 76ers. "I met with Joe and Lawrence (Sunday) and let them know that, so that's very, very clear to me. They're great guys that know their business, but I'm here assessing everything. … I think it's a critical time for the franchise. We're gonna do this very, very quickly, but thoroughly." Is either of their jobs safe? "We're assessing that right now," Gores said. "Look, I think both of them, including ownership, has to be accountable for the year. We have a great core of young players, but we have to be accountable. I expected to be in the playoffs, so I'm disappointed by that. When I said that last year, I meant it."