The wide smile and jovial nature that accompanies Andre Drummond was understandably absent after the Pistons' 105-100 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday. Having to miss crucial time in a rookie year is enough to make anyone lose their easygoing approach, and Drummond will sit the next four to six weeks with a stress fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebra. It was a stark contrast to his comments after Wednesday's game, when he fell hard taking a charge against the Nets' Andray Blatche. Then, he said he'd be fine — it already had been fractured days before against the Lakers, but it took an MRI on Thursday to reveal the nightmare. "I've just gotta recover, that's all it is," Drummond said. "It's my life, it's all I know so to not be able to play, of course it (stinks). But I'll be here for my teammates." For a 19-year-old, this is his first serious injury, the first time he'll be unable to play basketball for an extended period of time. Sitting behind the bench, he'll be able to observe from a standpoint he's never had to take. "He gets a chance to look at the game in a different way and I think he's already noticed some things," Pistons coach Lawrence Frank said. "You can get better, physically and intellectually, when you're injured."