Andre Drummond was at his question-blocking best Friday morning. "The more minutes I play, the more teams are going to scout me." "You got to do what's best for the team." "I trust my coaching staff to get 100% out of me." "Lawrence knows exactly what he's doing." At media availability for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge game later Friday, one by one, national media members asked the Pistons rookie center about his playing time. Yep, the local hot-button topic of coach Lawrence Frank playing one of the NBA's most exciting young talents just under 20 minutes per game officially has gone national. But just like when he deftly blocks shots at the rim, he expertly deflected the playing-time queries tossed among the more probing questions like the identity of his Valentine (his mother). Still, the roughly 30-minute media session showed that Drummond is a big deal. There was a palpable sense of genuine disappointment that a stress fracture in his lower back prevented his full participation in All-Star weekend.