Your Detroit Pistons have reportedly been in the mix for whimsical All-Star point guard and roller-skating enthusiast Rajon Rondo. According to multiple sources to acquire the Connect 4 champion of the NBA the Pistons would have to part with humble beast Andre Drummond, guard Brandon Knight, and likely some future picks. The Pistons rightfully have thus far balked at including Drummond in a trade for Rondo, apparently secure in the their long term vision for a squad anchored by Drummond’s unique potential. Acquiring a player of Rondo’s caliber (assuming he recovers fully) and bolstered by a still formidable frontcourt of Josh Smith and Greg Monroe would almost certainly have the Pistons in the thick of a playoff hunt, but the long term cost is unfathomable. Maybe that’s hyperbole but an adage that rang truer in years past still has resonance here: you do not trade big for small. The league is crawling with good to very good point guards. Game changing big men are what you’d call in demand.