The Pittsburgh Pirates‘ biggest need in the offseason is first base. Garrett Jones will likely be non-tendered, Gaby Sanchez may or may not be back, and Justin Morneau isn’t worth bringing back unless there aren’t any better options. Sanchez is a good player, but only against left-handed pitching. If the Pirates plan on keeping Sanchez to put him in a platoon, then they need to find him a left-handed hitting first baseman to pair with him. Kendrys Morales, a switch-hitter, may be the best free agent first baseman. The problem with signing Morales, however, is that he will demand a rather large contract and the Seattle Mariners will probably give him a qualifying offer. When a team offers one of their free agents a qualifying offer, it means that if that player signs with another team, the team signing him forfeits their first round draft pick for that season. While Morales would be a tremendous signing for the Pirates, it is probably better for them to protect that draft pick and save some money.