The Pirates have, unsurprisingly, named A.J. Burnett their Opening Day starter when they kick off their season April 1 against the Cubs. This would appear to be a routine decision on Clint Hurdle's part. But what Burnett doesn't know is that this is all a setup for an elaborate prank in which the Bucs will actually fly to San Diego and begin their 2013 season on the road. Burnett, busy studying video of the Cubs' hitters, will miss the plane. Ha ha! But what the Pirates don't know is that the Padres are actually playing an elaborate joke on the city of San Diego in which they abruptly fly to Nevada, take up residence in the Triple-A ballpark Cashman Field, and rename themselves the Las Vegas Strippers. Ha ha! "Strippers," get it? It's, like, a double-entendre!