Despite Josh Harrison suggesting he wants to be traded in the wake of the Pirates trading RHP Gerrit Cole and OF Andrew McCutchen, the team may be leaning toward keeping him -- at least for the first few months of the season -- reports Peter Gammons. The belief from most in baseball was that the Pirates did not receive equal value in exchange for Cole and McCutchen, but Gammons says the "gist of opinion from the GMs" he talked to is that the Pirates did well in those trades, and may try to compete sooner than later instead of continuing to tear down. The Mets and Yankees have been among the teams interested in trading for Harrison, but it was reported last week that the Mets are "not particularly enthusiastic" about trading OF Brandon Nimmo in exchange for Harrison -- believing the cost should be lower. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic had reported last Tuesday that the Mets had seen Nimmo as a potential centerpiece in a deal for Harrison. The Mets rebuffed the Pirates' request of Nimmo in a potential deal for McCutchen before he was dealt to the Giants, according to Rosenthal, who did not specify who else the potential deal included or if the Pirates were willing to eat part of the money owed to McCutchen.