Pine tar was at the root of some emotions spilling over in the fourth inning at Marlins Park on Sunday afternoon. Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen hollered some salty words at Nationals rookie Bryce Harper as he was at the plate in the fourth inning of a game Washington eventually won, 4-0. Guillen had raised the issue with home-plate umpire Marty Foster regarding how high the pine tar was on Harper's bat after the rookie's first-inning at-bat. In the fourth inning, during Harper's second plate appearance, Guillen felt he was disrespected by a gesture from Harper, and he went out to say a few words to Foster. The incident created some excitement for a couple of minutes, but it didn't boil over any further as the game progressed. "Ozzie complained that the pine tar was too high up on Harper's bat," Nationals manager Davey Johnson said. "So we changed it. Then, he was still chirping about it. It got on the umpire's nerves, it got on my nerves. "He was trying to intimidate my player, I guess. He was hung up on our player. He does what he has to do. One of my pitchers complained one time, and it was the first time I saw him do it all year. Some strange things go on out there."