Surgery to repair a torn ligament in Dustin Pedroia's right pinky was successful Wednesday, with Dr. Donald Sheridan placing a pin in the injured finger. The pin will remain in Pedroia's finger for four weeks, with the second baseman having to wear a cast through the weekend before switching to a brace. Pedroia injured the finger while fielding a seven-inning ground ball of the bat of the Yankees Mark Teixeira during a Red Sox July 29 game at Yankee Stadium. "It took kind of a bad hop. It happened so fast," said Pedroia, who explained his right hand was caught in his glove while fielding the grounder. "I threw it to first and my pinkie was just huge. At first they thought I broke it. "I know it's a finger, but it's your pinkie so I just taped it. It's probably more useful in your everyday life than baseball. One time I sat in a chair wrong and it shot out, or high-fiving a guy, it would get caught on his jersey and it would just shoot out. But it wouldn't really bother me when I played."