In a clean-shaven locker room Tuesday, the Blues' Alex Pietrangelo seemed to be the only player still sporting a playoff beard. "Had some stitches in, so I couldn't shave until I got those out," Pietrangelo said. "Not going to lie, looking forward to it." A cut on Pietrangelo's face was the least of the Blues' worries during the Western Conference semifinals against LA. The defenseman suffered a sprained knee in Game 1 after being pushed head-first into the boards by Dwight King, a hit that caused much controversy in the series and forced Pietrangelo to sit out Game 2. "Yeah, it happened on the hit," Pietrangelo said. "I could feel something wrong. I went off (the ice) and they re-evaluated it and realized there was more of an issue than I originally thought. But we did a pretty good job working on it the next couple of days and I got back to pretty good health."