The White Sox and Rangers will play their first meaningful game April 30 in Arlington, Texas, but A.J. Pierzynski was relieved Tuesday after playing against some of his former teammates following an eight-year association. "It's just another game," Pierzynski said after hitting a single in two at-bats in the Rangers' 14-8 loss to the Sox. "I've said all I need to say about the White Sox. I talked to people I need to talk to over there. That's it. I'm happy it's over and people can quit asking me about it. "It was a great run we had, but it's over and done. Everyone knows how I feel about the people there and the fans." Pierzynski walked from the right-field line and waved across the field to minor league conditioning coordinator Dale Torborg, then chatted in the direction of where some Sox officials were sitting while he was in the on-deck circle. He spoke to Dewayne Wise, Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham when they came to the plate. "I don't have a hard feeling toward anyone over there," Pierzynski said. Danks advancing: John Danks threw more breaking pitches during his third batting practice session, a sign he's advancing in his recovery from left shoulder surgery in August. "We all kind of agree I'm ready to move on and start concentrating on pitching and a little less about my shoulder," Danks said. "We're pretty confident that's behind us, and we can just work to build arm strength and get a little more consistent in my delivery." - See more at:,0,7430979.story#sthash.CJuEAhez.dpuf