He may not like it but as the days pass it seems Paul Pierce is starting to get used to now being a Brooklyn Net. As a result he’s opening up a little bit more. The former Celtics captain was a guest Thursday on The Michael Kay Show where he spoke about how his hatred for the Knicks has grown since the trade and that he thinks Nets-Knicks will be the best rivalry in sports next season. Now new quotes are trickling in from the Nets forward about what the thought process was like in the time that led to the draft-night deal that sent him to Brooklyn — specifically the role Rajon Rondo played in the process. Rondo who is still recovering from an ACL injury he sustained last season has been the subject of trade rumors ever since Pierce Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry were traded from Boston. For Pierce however it all started back when Rondo went down with his torn ACL in January. As Pierce described it Rondo’s injury began a chain reaction of events that ultimately resulted in Pierce leaving Beantown after 15 years with the Celtics. “It would be hard to contend” Pierce said in an exclusive interview with the Boston Herald on Friday. “I saw the vision. I saw all that. As a player I’m selfish. I want what’s going to be good for me and the team. But you’ve got to look at the management looking at what’s down the road. If it’s up to me I would want to rebuild to win a championship by bringing players in. They were looking at the future down the line.