The Blue Jackets and New York Rangers have finally completed the Rick Nash trade. Yes, the final piece was determined last night when the Rangers bowed out of the Stanley Cup playoffs with a loss to Boston in the second round. The trade, consummated on July 24, was Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon and a first-round pick to the Blue Jackets for Rick Nash, minor-league defenseman Steven Delisle and a conditional third-round draft pick. The 'condition' on that third-round pick was simple: if the Rangers reached the Eastern Conference Final, the Blue Jackets would keep the pick. The Rangers didn't, of course, so the Blue Jackets' pick was officially sent to New York last night when the buzzer sounded on the Bruins' 3-1 win. As for the first-round pick the Blue Jackets acquired from the Rangers ... There was no condition to that pick, but the Rangers' losing in the first two rounds of the playoffs was huge for the Blue Jackets. That pick will be No. 18 or 19 overall, depending on the outcome of the Detroit - Chicago series. If Detroit gets through, the Blue Jackets will hold No. 18. If the Blackhawks come back to win, it will be No. 19. The Red Wings lead that series 3-2 with Game 6 set for Monday in Detroit. And then there's a third first-round pick, that of the Los Angeles Kings. If the Kings advance past San Jose - they're up 3-2 over the Sharks heading into tonight's 8 p.m. Game 6 -- the pick will rest at the bottom of the draft board, either No. 27, 29 or 30. If the Sharks win, the pick would move up to No. 20 or 21. So .... the Blue Jackets have, as of today, the following picks: No. 14, No. 18/19, No. 20/21/27/29/30, No. 44, No. 105, No. 165 and No. 195. That's three firsts, one second, one fourth, one sixth and one seventh.