The captain with the diminished bench roles. The basketball globetrotter who was returned to reserve duty. The trade throw-in, out-of-shape center from Iran. There could not have been a more unlikely crew of Suns heroes for a Saturday night 107-105 victory over the Houston Rockets at US Airways Center than Jared Dudley, P.J. Tucker and — are you sitting? — Hamed Haddadi. Haddadi, a 7-foot-2 Iranian, nearly was done playing for the season when he was tossed into the Rudy Gay trade to Toronto but did not have the work visa to join the Raptors. He arrived in Phoenix out of shape and was pressed into debuting as the backup center over the past two nights only because of the absences of Marcin Gortat and Jermaine O’Neal. All the five-year Memphis benchwarmer did was play more than he ever has to get the Rockets asking, “Who’s your Haddadi?” In his 29 reserve minutes, Haddadi scored six points, grabbed a career-high 11 rebounds and blocked three shots for a second consecutive night. “Marcin who?” was written on the Suns locker room board after the game.