Whenever there is a midseason coaching change, some players gain opportunities and some players lose them. Suns rookie point guard Kendall Marshall probably has benefited more than any player since Lindsey Hunter took over for Alvin Gentry. And the team’s previous backup playmaker, Sebastian Telfair, probably has lost the most. But not only is Telfair handling his fall from the rotation with aplomb, he said he wants to help Marshall any way he can and is hopeful that his future still lies in a Phoenix uniform. “Helping him isn’t going to have anything to do with me,” Telfair said. “He’s our rookie, no matter how you look at it. So we owe that guy to try to play some part in his future and his success.” Even if the price is Telfair’s spot in the rotation. “It’s tough, man, but they’ve got to develop a guy, so the best thing I can do is stay proactive and be ready in case my number is called again,” he said. Telfair’s number was called for the first time since a Jan. 30 victory over the Lakers during the team’s blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night. The Thunder visit US Airways Center Sunday night for a return engagement. “I got five minutes,” Telfair said, smiling. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll take the five minutes. After taking a couple of (did not plays) and continuing to work hard, you feel good getting out there.”