By any measure Marquese Chriss has had a disappointing season for the Suns. He’s averaging 6.3 points per game compared with 9.2 as a rookie. His shooting percentage has dropped from 44.9 to 39.1 while his 3-point shooting has remained the same at 32.1 percent. Chris is averaging 4.8 rebounds (4.2 last season) but the Suns wanted him to take a much more significant jump in that category. On Friday, as he sat on the scorer’s table at Northeastern University after practice, Chriss revealed why he’s struggled. He said he let himself get out of shape this summer. “I let myself get to a place where I shouldn’t have been,” said Chriss, who declined to say how much weight he gained. “I think it happens to a lot of people. For me it was a learning experience.” Chriss said he felt invincible coming out of college, thinking he could eat whatever he wanted and stay in basketball shape. “You’re on a limited budget in college but all of a sudden I had nothing but free time and money,” he said. “I needed to learn how to manage. I needed to grow up in that aspect of my life so I’m grateful that it happened sooner rather than later.” Chriss said he didn’t realize he had gained weight until his best friend and his mother told him, “You’re getting big.” He said he looked in the mirror and realized they were right. Consequently, he changed his diet, eliminating fast foods that used to be a staple and limiting his intake of fried food.