The Phoenix Suns have been a mess all season. Even though the development of franchise superstar Devin Booker is coming along exceptionally, the Suns haven’t secured any type of success or progress this year. Part of that has to do with the makeup of their current roster. Sans Booker, the Suns don’t have enough to win consistently in the tough Western Conference. However, the Suns have shown some promise over the last few weeks. After trading for Elfid Payton on the trade deadline, the team has performed well led by their new player. As the Suns develop more into next year, they will be ready to start competing in the league at a high level. Though, it now appears that the Suns will have time this season to begin tweaking with their roster, unlike last year when the Suns GM opted to rest his core players, per AZ Central’s Scott Bordow.