Adjusting to new surroundings after a trade can be difficult for professional athletes, especially ones who are dealt just before or during a season. And learning a new playbook is only part of the challenge. Just ask Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett was traded to the New England Patriots on Sept. 2 — five days before New England’s regular-season opener — but most of belongings didn’t arrive in Massachusetts until almost two full months later. The 24-year-old wide receiver spent the first eight or so weeks of the season living out of a few suitcases in a hotel, waiting for the rest of his things to arrive from his previous home in Indianapolis. “That was probably the second-worst part when it comes to just moving,” Dorsett said after Tuesday’s Patriots practice. “My stuff just got here probably, like, two weeks ago. I stayed in a hotel for about almost two months. So it’s been — it’s not rough; I’m used to it now. But I’m all settled in now, so I’m great.” One of the worst parts of hotel life? The laundry. “It was a lot of washing clothes,” said Dorsett, who spent the previous two seasons with the Colts after being drafted 29th overall in 2015. “A lot of asking for quarters to use the hotel washing machine. But yeah, I’m all settled now.”