The Philadelphia Phillies have joined the Detroit Tigers with interest in former Miami Marlins manager Mike Redmond, who currently serves as a coach with the Colorado Rockies. Redmond’s link to Tigers GM Al Avila makes him a natural fit for Detroit, but he has a good rep in the game, and nobody can hold it against him that he didn’t last long with the Marlins since they changed managers like socks in the previous regime. Redmond was 155-207 from 2013 until early in the 2015 season, when he was fired with a 16-22 record. Oddly, they had just begun to play better when he was abruptly fired, and replaced by then-GM Dan Jennings in the dugout. Redmond, who is well respected in the game, took a little time off before accepting a job as Rockies coach. But he quickly has become a pretty hot name in this managerial season, where there are already three openings, and may be more.