It's no secret that the Phillies have felt a need for OF depth this offseason. Prior to this afternoon, the team was set to run out some combination of Domonic Brown, Darin Ruf, Laynce Nix, and John Mayberry, Jr on the corners to support new acquisition Ben Revere in center, and there seemed to be unease in the front office over this situation. In the past few weeks, we've heard rumors of trades for Vernon Wells and Alfonso Soriano, been told of the Phillies interest in Scott Hairston, and received reasoned pleas to sign Michael Bourn, all due to the relative inexperience and uncertainty of the outfield. Heck, there were some of us holding out hope for a Justin Upton trade. Well, get excited because the Phillies have solved their OF woes by signing Delmon Young. Wait, that's...let me check my notes because that can't, no I guess I'm reading this right. The Phillies have signed Delmon Young. Do not adjust your television sets. It is not 2006, nor still is it 2010. It is 2013, and the Phillies have got their RH bat in the form of a hitter who, over his past two full seasons, has amassed a monumental -.3 WAR. Seems legit. If the logic works with Young Michael, then why not with Young Delmon as well?