The Phillies are said to be planning to offer at least $120 million to star lefthander Cole Hamels in an effort to keep him in Philadelphia and prevent him from becoming a free agent, according to sources. The Phillies hope to to keep Hamels, but some people within the organization aren't overly optimistic they can prevent him from going to free agency at this point. Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, who is credited by people in the organization for his ability to lock up the team's stars to long deals, has said all along he hopes to keep Hamels. Amaro declined comment on the amount of the coming offer to Hamels. Hamels has said, in turn, that he has very much enjoyed his time in Philadelphia, and he does live there year-round. But there are those wondering whether he may have concerns about the team's future after it's uncharacteristically rough start this season, or may even wonder why there hasn't been a more recent offer. The Phillies are believed to have proposed a deal for "Jered Weaver money,'' or about $85 million over five years, late last year.