No one wanted Rhys Hoskins. The Phillies’ rookie left fielder was hardly a blip on anyone's radar when he finished his career at Jesuit High School in Carmichael, Calif. Forget about getting drafted — Hoskins couldn’t even get the attention of college programs. In an age when talented athletes often specialize in one sport by the time they get to high school, Hoskins was an anomaly. He elected to play baseball, basketball and football through his senior year. When it came to hoops, Hoskins told Sporting News that he “did all the stuff no one else wanted to do” below the basket. Playing wide receiver under Friday night lights, he remembers being “a little slimmer, a little faster back then.” Hoskins knew early on that baseball was his future, but he wasn’t ready to give up other sports. Rather than play one, he chose to cherish time spent on different teams with different friends. He skipped baseball showcases for the hardwood and the gridiron, decisions that may have hurt his standing in the eyes of scouts.