A season that began with a case of patellar tendinitis is ending with a case of patellar tendinitis. Hopefully for the Phillies, Hunter Pence's affliction is not as severe as Chase Utley's. Late Tuesday night, Phillies officials announced that Pence was suffering from patellar tendinitis in his left knee. Pence, who left the first game of Tuesday's doubleheader against Washington with a limp in the sixth inning, will have a precautionary MRI on Wednesday. Pence was reluctant to talk about his condition after the first game. Basically all he would say was that he felt some tightness in the knee and would be fine. After the second game, he expounded on his condition. He said he has had the problem in the past and it can be handled by sitting out a game. He said he could have played the second game if team athletic trainers had let him.