While the debut of Delmon Young drew most of the attention that wasn't being paid to the Cleveland homecomings of Charlie Manuel and Cliff Lee, Ben Revere quietly returned to the Phillies lineup Tuesday night for the first time in nearly a week. After 5 days off while battling a sore left quadriceps and a tender batting average, Revere hit ninth and started in centerfield. He made four outs in three trips to the plate, grounding out three times, including an inning-ending doubleplay in his final at-bat in the seventh inning. Revere hit an even .200 (18-for-90) in his first month with the Phillies. "He's had a hard time getting going," Manuel said, recalling that Revere hit .294 last season in Minnesota. "We just have to keep staying with him and see if we can't get him playing better." The Phils have received little offensive production from their outfield as a whole. Their rightfielders have a .597 OPS (third worst in baseball) and are hitting .193 with a .290 OBP; their leftfielders have hit .242 with a .303 OBP and .717 OPS. But Revere's almost nonexistent offense in the last 2 1/2 weeks has made him the poster boy of the outfield's dreadful production. Revere entered yesterday in a 6-for-42 (.145) funk. He was 1-for-3 and walked for the first time since April 13. Revere's game is built around his speed. But if a speed player isn't getting on base, his speed is obviously negated. Revere had a .234 on-base percentage in 23 games entering yesterday. Of the 187 major leaguers who qualify, Revere's OBP ranked 177th. Revere turns 25 tomorrow. Is it too late to alter his offensive approach? "His approach is going to be hard to change," Manuel said. "Unless he bunts a lot . . . That's how he's going to get on, by getting singles." Revere had 43 infield singles in 553 plate appearances in 2012. He had five in 96 plate appearances in 2013, entering yesterday.