PGA Tour player Phil Mickelson will not be an owner of the Padres after all. Appearing at Torrey Pines on Tuesday night to discuss his renovation plans for the Torrey Pines North Course, Mickelson said for the first time that he has withdrawn his interest in his hometown baseball team. "I think to be involved with the Padres you have to be fully committed to the long term," Mickelson said. "I've been born and raised here, but at this moment I'm not able to make that kind of long-term commitment to the city and to the team." Mickelson said he notified the Padres group "within the last six weeks" that he would not be joining them. As recently as Oct. 15, Mickelson said he was "really excited" about working with the ownership group that includes members of the O'Malley family and local businessman Ron Fowler. In October, Mickelson said "a lot of little variables" were being worked out. It is not clear what changed and Mickelson did not elaborate on the reasons for his decision.