Peyton Manning may be happily retired, but that hasn’t stopped him from making bank as an NFL star. Despite being four years since last throwing a pass, Manning topped the list of total earners from the NFLPA-related revenue with a total of $3.4 million.

Ever since he left on top of the football world in 2015, Peyton Manning has found success in whatever he’s attempted. His series Peyton’s Places with ESPN is thought of highly by most. We recently saw him school the second placer on the list, Tom Brady, in a golf match with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

But still, it’s amazing that Peyton Manning’s impact is still strong enough to top everyone else’s, playing or otherwise. The revenues are mostly from marketing and royalties in things like video games, sports apparel, trading cards, and other kinds of merch.

The demand for Peyton Manning’s officially considered throwback jersey is still through the roof. Extra impressive given the other, much younger, big names stars who trail him on the list.