Russell Wilson will face Peyton Manning for the first time in Super Bowl XLVIII, but the two quarterbacks won’t be strangers. Wilson first met the Manning 10 years ago, the Seahawks quarterbacks revealed Wednesday, while attending the Manning family passing camp — held annually by Peyton, his father Archie and brother Eli — for young players in New Orleans. The camp always draws several hundred or more participants, but Wilson, by happenstance, ended up in the group of roughly 15 quarterbacks being tutored personally by Peyton. “I was struck by how much care he showed for the kids, how much detail he talked about and what a perfectionist he was,” Wilson said as the Seahawks returned to practice for their Feb. 2 matchup with Manning and the Broncos at MetLife Stadium. “I try to use that, although I’ve got a long ways to go.” What amazed Wilson was Manning’s uncanny recall skills, which were on display when Wilson was brought to Denver by the Broncos for a pre-draft visit in April 2012 and encountered Manning in the locker room. “He was sitting in the locker room and I went over to talk to him, and he cut me off by saying, ‘Haven’t I seen you before?’ ” Wilson said with a laugh.