Eli Manning has come along nicely. No one can deny he's come through in the clutch a couple times. But nobody seriously believes he's a better quarterback than his brother Peyton Manning do they? "Is that a trick question?" Shannon Sharpe CBS analyst on NFL Today who had Hall of Fame career with Broncos said prior to the game here Sunday. No Shannon it's a rhetorical question. For the third time in three games against each other big brother Peyton showed little brother Eli how quarterback is played. Peyton Manning threw for two touchdowns was again exquisite in the second half led the Broncos to a decisive 41-23 victory against Eli's New York Giants before 81285 at MetLife Stadium and along the way joined Brett Favre and Dan Marino in the 60000-yeard passing club. This game was dubbed Manning Bowl III and the results have been Peyton Peyton Peyton. Eli was swept in the three-game series. Stamp that 0-3 with four interceptions. Peyton and the Broncos may play here again this year in the final game of the NFL season. But just as Peyton watched Eli play in the Super Bowl two years ago in Indianapolis Eli may need a ticket to watch this year's Super Bowl in his home stadium. Chances are he'll get one. That's what big brothers are for. Eli Manning was decent at times Sunday. He is the Giants' best player. But as usual Eli threw costly interceptions. One erased three points the Giants should have had late in the first half. Another set up a short TD drive for big brother. A third was a befuddling chuck into the end zone with plenty of time left in the fourth quarter. Peyton Manning was considered one of the all-time greats even before his remarkable comeback season with the Broncos last year. He ranks in the top three in just about every significant statistical passing category. Not including his rookie-year mulligan Peyton's has averaged a 12-4 record in his previous 13 playing seasons. And he threw seven touchdowns in a game just last week for the Broncos. He has been great. And he's still great.