First-year Cardinals coach Bruce Arians never had any doubt that he’d use Patrick Peterson on offense. “I had hopes that he could be something special in a package” Arians said. “After you see the athlete that he is he could probably be one of the top five receivers in the league.” Taking offensive snaps -- as Peterson did in Friday’s practice -- is one thing. Viewing your starting cornerback and punt returner as a consistent offensive weapon is quite another. “I didn't know he was going to take it this far” Peterson said. “He has a pretty big package for me. As a defensive player I'm definitely honored to even be in consideration for taking some offensive snaps.” Arians confirmed Saturday that the trend will continue. “How big that package (will) continue to grow? It’s probably already up into the 15-play range” Arians said. “It wouldn’t be that many in one game plan but there’s no doubt that we’re going to utilize his skill set on offense.” It’s easy to see why. On Friday Peterson caught a long pass from quarterback Carson Palmer with Tyrann Mathieu defending. Later Peterson completed a pass to Larry Fitzgerald.