The Seattle Seahawks left the NFL world scratching their collective heads at the end of the first half, Monday. Down 24-17, head coach Pete Carroll went ultra-aggressive. Instead of taking the almost-automatic three points, courtesy of Blair Walsh and a 34-yard field goal attempt, they put on the fake field goal. Punter/holder Jon Ryan snatched the ball back and flipped it to tight end Luke Willson, who was almost immediately pummeled by Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. But, Carroll was not dissuaded by the result of the play. The Seahawks saw something they thought they could exploit that just didn't materialize as expected. “It would have been a really good call if we would have made it. It was something we saw that we wanted to do. It was a terrific opportunity, right where we wanted it," he said. "The defensive tackle made a better play. He wasn’t supposed to be there.” All the film study in the world can't account for the human element. Whatever the Seahawks saw didn't have Jarrett anywhere near where he was to bust up the play. And a quick view of the play does show that if Willson makes it past Jarrett green grass awaits him but even if there was no chance to get to the endzone, Willson had his marching orders.