Of all the things that went back last season the Lions did manage to curb their personal foul issues that plagued them in 2011. They suffered a relapse on Thursday. Reggie Bush retaliated for getting drilled in the back after the play and drew a 15-yard penalty that killed an early drive. Ndamukong Suh KO’d quarterback Brandon Weedentwo steps after the ball was released; giving the Browns 15 yards. And Willie Younggot 15 yards for some after-the-play wrestling with Quentin Groveson a punt. “We have to do a better job there” Schwartz said. “It doesn’t matter what happened out there. “Reggie got hit in the back after the play but that doesn’t give you any reason to put the offense is a worst position by getting 15 yards. “We get great coverage on a play and Suh gets a personal foul. Regardless of what you think of the call it doesn’t matter. It gets called and we pay the price for it. That’s something last week didn’t have. Last week we did a much better job of controlling the game and controlling our emotions.” Nate Burleson one of the leaders of the team said there was no need to make too big a fuss. “I don’t think it’s anything we need to talk about” he said. “It wasn’t anything too intense. There weren’t any punches thrown or helmets snatched off. We care about the game. Reggie came to me and saif he apologizes. He’s not that type of guy. I said ‘Nobody sees you as a hot head’ so we’re good with that. “We can’t have those types of mistakes in the regular season. This is a good time of year for mishaps to happen.