The Los Angeles Lakers have been shipping Kyle Kuzma around with hopes of getting that final piece (or pieces) that could give them their 18th title which would make them the winningest franchise in NBA history. Apart from this, we all know that James is on the hunt for his fifth title. He’s already considered one of the greats but adding another title or two would further propel him in the never-ending GOAT debates.

With that in mind, let’s look at the perfect Kyle Kuzma trade that would propel James to his fifth title. This might prove difficult for the Lakers in terms of finance but fans know that the organization is willing to stop at nothing to get the players they need.

Jazz receive: Kyle Kuzma, Dennis Schroder, 2023 Second Round Pick

Lakers receive: Mike Conley

No team would say yes to a transaction that involves just Kyle Kuzma alone. The Lakers themselves know this and reports reveal that he’s being packaged with other players. Amid all the hate hurled at Kuzma, the man is still a respectable player in his position. People tend to forget that he outperformed Lonzo Ball in their rookie season. The pressure of playing with LeBron James might have affected his confidence a bit. This may be the reason for his inconsistent performance. A fresh start might be best for Kuzma.

Whatever the case may be, moving away from Kuzma is the right decision. There are other rumors that they might package him for Buddy Hield. At the same time, there are also whispers that the Lakers are in search of a point guard after talks with Dennis Schroder have gone nowhere. The German is reportedly asking for a hefty contract which the Lakers aren’t keen on offering.