Let’s start with a little background on Percy Harvin, the disgruntled Vikings receiver who wants out of Minnesota. More to the point, let us provide some context on Bill Belichick’s relationship with Harvin prior to the 2009 NFL draft, along with a possible connection to the Patriots going forward. In 2010, I was in Minnesota in the days leading up to the Vikings’ Week 8 game with the Patriots. That was in anticipation of Randy Moss’ initial return to Foxboro as an ex-Patriot. I was essentially there to shadow Moss, and get an interview with the record-setting receiver who had been traded back to his original NFL team three weeks earlier. In between staking out Moss, I made a detour and spent some of the open locker room time chatting with Harvin, because of Belichick’s fascination with the former University of Florida wide receiver, who appeared to be very much on the Pats’ radar the previous year and was nearly headed to Foxboro. Yes, the Pats were in the market for a game-breaking receiver on offense as far back as 2009. At that point, Moss was already starting to lose his edge, so the Pats wanted to add another speed guy and explosive weapon on offense. The Vikings, however, had the same idea.