Yes, Dan Bylsma said Tuesday, he knew which goaltender he planned to start tonight in Boston in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference final. The Penguins coach simply had no interest in sharing his decision. Tomas Vokoun supplanted Marc-Andre Fleury for Game 5 of the first round of the playoffs and won two games against the New York Islanders. He played every game of the five-game series win against Ottawa. He also started Games 1 and 2 against the Bruins, both losses at home, and was replaced Monday night by Fleury late in the first period of the 6-1 loss. Each goalie allowed three goals. "I don't think ... we're really faulting Tomas for those [first three] goals or pulling him because of his performance as [much as] giving our team a jolt and giving Marc-Andre Fleury an opportunity to go back into that game," Bylsma said. "I very much still feel like we ... had the mindset of coming back and winning that hockey game." Bylsma also said that Fleury's Game 2 appearance -- Fleury admitted he was "rusty" -- didn't weigh much into the decision about who will start tonight. "We look at his entire body of work, not one instance or one shot [Monday] night that would sway what goes into how he performed or how he's going to perform in his next game," Bylsma said. "He's certainly won a lot of hockey games, had a lot of success in that net for us. He didn't have that [Monday] night, but that's not going to play into the decision."