Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tomas Vokoun is out of the hospital now and is on the mend but his recent blood clot issue was an awfully dangerous situation. According to Vokoun it was nearly fatal. In an interview with Czech outlet iDNES.cz (and translated by Roman Jedlicka) Vokoun explained how it was almost so much worse. "I was lucky I was sent to hospital so quickly. I nearly died during weekend" Vokoun said. "My foot was swollen I had blood clots from mid-thigh almost to the heart. I was thinking about the end of my career. It would not be so difficult decision. Now I will do what doctors say. Health is clearly the main thing. I hope I have more than half of life ahead of me." Egads and yes let's hope for just that. Thankfully they were able to notice the problem when they did and were able to get Vokoun to the hospital in time.