He is pretty much fearless this Bobby Farnham. That's evident every time he goads a larger opponent -- a fair description of most of the guys against whom he plays -- into taking a swing at him. Or a needless penalty. Or both. Every time he charges in on a forecheck at warp speed prepared to sacrifice his body to force a turnover or bad decision. And every time his risks his well-being to help save the life of someone caught in a wicked riptide. OK so Farnham one of 55 players participating in the Penguins' training camp has been in a position to do that only once but his success rate is sensational. It seems that in late August 2011 shortly after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene had battered the East Coast Farnham and five teammates from Brown University decided to spend a day at South Shore Beach in Little Compton R.I. "It was before school started" he said. "We'd all stayed in Providence for the summer a bunch of us." Details of what followed are a bit blurred now but reports from the time say that the players noticed two girls caught in a riptide not far from land and some of Farnham's buddies went to their rescue. "There was a huge rip current really bad" Farnham said. "[The girls were] caught closer in but there was one guy who was farther out." The rest of the group including Farnham rushed out to him armed with a surfboard and a boogie board.