As reports swirled that the Pittsburgh Penguins voted against the 24-team resumption of the NHL season, the team’s NHLPA representative, Kris Letang, said that he voted in favour of the proposal.

“At the end of the day, nobody gets exactly what they want,” the cornerstone defenceman said Friday night. “But, we all want what is best for hockey and to continue to grow the game.”

Letang agreed that some players shared strong opinions on Thursday’s conference call, “but we have a union for everyone to express our views. Whatever the format is, some agree, some don’t. As a union, we want to make the best decisions over time, the greater good for everyone.”

Under the proposed format, Letang’s Penguins will open against Montreal. The Canadiens had basically zero chance to make a 16-team field during the regular season, while the Penguins were a lock. It also means an early date with Carey Price, held in high esteem by his peers.

“At the end of the day, the playoffs are a different beast,” Letang said.