After an incredible rookie season in which he posted some of the league’s best defensive impacts from the blue line, John Marino has been nothing short of a disaster in his sophomore campaign.

Though some fans were optimistic Marino could supplant Kris Letang as the team’s number one defenseman as soon as this season, more level-headed fans knew that might be a lot to ask of him, especially considering his lack of offensive play driving despite putting up solid primary point rates.

Here’s an overview of Marino’s rookie season courtesy of JFreshHockey and TopDownHockey:

Marino was so good in his rookie campaign that he finished sixth among NHL d-men in expected even-strength defense goals above replacement (xEVD), per Evolving Hockey. He also finished in the top 30 in wins above replacement (WAR) with 1.9.

Even if Marino’s offensive game didn’t take some positive leaps this season, it was still expected that he would be the Pens’ most reliable defensemen in their own zone.

That couldn’t be further from reality, as Marino has been the team’s worst defensive d-man through 22 games.