Turnovers and undisciplined play have been among the Penguins' few blemishes through the first five games of this season. Jet lag, however, is not one of them. And that might not be such a good thing. Friday's loss at Winnipeg marked the first of only two times that the Penguins will play outside the Eastern Time Zone in this lockout-shortened 48-game regular season (They will play the Jets again at MTS Centre on Feb. 15). En route to a 108-point season a year ago – the second-best in franchise history -- the Penguins went an astounding 13-2-3 against Western Conference opponents. Those 13 wins were second-best in the NHL and accounted for nearly a quarter of those 108 points. With the 2013 campaign limited to inter-conference play, the Penguins must somehow make up for those points. A good starting point would be to match the intensity of their opponents. No matter who it is. Every game. Sometimes that's easier said than done, even for a team of the Penguins' skill level. Take tonight's game against the Islanders for example. While the Isles don't stoke the fires the way the Rangers or Flyers do, they don't reward less points for wins against them.