Having Texas roots, Hunter Pence grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan and now pulls for the Houston Texans. Since neither of his teams is in the Super Bowl, Pence has shifted his allegiance elsewhere. "I'm rooting for the Niners," he said. "I want the San Francisco fans to be happy." It's a city-of-champions thing. Pence's Giants won it all, and now it's on the 49ers to keep pace. At China Basin on Tuesday night to promote a video game, Pence fell short of calling the Giants the team to beat again in the National League West, saying only, "We're zero-zero. Nobody has any wins. Who cares what we say? It's what we do." What Pence did in three months with the Giants was unique, which fits him well considering his peculiar batting stroke and throwing motion. He hit .219 in 59 regular-season games but collected 45 RBIs, giving him 104 for the season, including his time with the Phillies. He hit .210 in the postseason, but his pregame speeches and pep talks - not to mention his funky double in the NLCS, making contact three times on a single swing - were a major part of the Giants' championship run. Pence walked away with a $13.8 million contract, taking advantage of his final arbitration go-round. He can be a free agent next winter, but said he'd like to stick around long term. "If they want to talk about that, I'd definitely be willing to listen," he said. "I'm not opposed to that at all. I want to be here." Naturally, Pence wants to rebound in 2013 and said he's working with personal trainers to be quicker on the field - he'd like a few more infield hits - and looser at the plate. He said he's doing drills to improve his hand-eye coordination that should help his overall game, including cutting down on chasing bad pitches. Asked if Giants fans should expect an improvement over .219, he said, "Expect to get every bit of effort I've got. I'm confident I can hit better than I did last year. Every year, I'm working to improve in all aspects. But the main goal isn't to improve my average. The main goal is to find a way to win ballgames, however that is." Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/giants/shea/article/Pence-intends-to-be-better-this-season-4215514.php#ixzz2Ioku7S8q