The Jets aren't who we thought they were. They've won two of their first three games -- with a rookie quarterback no less -- and the preseason prognostications that this might be the worst team in football (perpetrated mostly by us) couldn't be further from the truth. And in an effort to keep this team focused coach Rex Ryan is holding everyone accountable. And we're not talking about withholding snacks from would-be offenders but something much healthier: Every time there's a penalty in practice the entire organization -- and this includes general manager John Idzik president Neil Glat and owner Woody Johnson -- have to hit the deck and do 10 push-ups. The only exemption: The player responsible for the penalty. This scenario played out Wednesday according to's Rich Cimini; Idzik Glat and Johnson busted out 30 push-ups following three in-practice penalties. The impetus for the rule? The Jets committed a mind-boggling 20 penalties in Sunday's win over the Bills. This comes a year after they had the fourth fewest penalties in the league. "Obviously we're 32nd in the league probably closer to 33rd if that's possible" Ryan said. "It's just not us. It's not who we are so we're trying to fix it. And we will fix it."