Carlos Pena’s been waiting. The Astros’ expected first-ever designated hitter has been in and out of Osceola County Stadium since Jan. 14, preparing for spring training while biding time until his new team arrived. Joined by owner Jim Crane, who flew in on a helicopter, the Astros will hold their first official full-team workout Saturday morning. The club held a private meeting that began at 9 a.m., with practice set tentatively set for 10:45 a.m. Manager Bo Porter and Crane will address the media before the workout begins. Pena’s ready. And he’s highly familiar with a revamped facility the 12-year veteran has often used in the past month. “I even helped paint the place,” Pena joked. There was soon more laughter. After hugging new teammate Rick Ankiel, Pena’s first spring training media interview was briefly interrupted when Ankiel stuck his face and wagging tongue between reporters. Pena stayed on-message, but he couldn’t help smiling.