The Los Angeles Police Department has released the body cam footage of Jaxson Hayes’ forceful arrest.

Shared to the public Friday, the video begins with officers arriving at the Pelicans star’s Woodland Hills at around 3 a.m. on July 28. Hayes is seen walking down his driveway as officers question him about a domestic disturbance report they received shortly before.

The authorities then tell the 21-year-old center they needed to speak to his girlfriend to ensure she was OK. They then tell Hayes and another man—identified as the NBA player’s cousin—to remain outside. Hayes pushes back on the order, and questions why he can’t go inside his own home.

The situation then turns physical, as officers attempt to block Hayes from entering the residence. Hayes’s cousin tries to intervene and begins holding the athlete back; however, he Hayes becomes increasingly argumentative and, at one point, appears to shove one of the officers into a wall next to the front door. Another officer then tackles Hayes as he cousins begins screaming, “Jaxson, stop!”