Pelicans coach Stan Van Gundy ripped his team after losing to the Knicks yesterday: “High school guys could’ve done what they’re supposed to do.”

With New Orleans up three in the final seconds of regulation, Eric Bledsoe let Derrick Rose drive by him. Lonzo Ball helped off Reggie Bullock in the corner. Rose passed to Bullock, who hit the tying 3-pointer.

Ball made the most significant error. Whether choosing to foul or defend, a team leading by three points in the final seconds nearly always wins, anyway. When a team knows the opponent needs a 3-pointer, the arc is far easier to defend. But Ball nuked that advantage by helping in the paint. The Pelicans should have just let Rose take a layup with a few seconds left.

The other breakdown: Van Gundy wanted to foul. That was Bledsoe’s job guarding Rose.

Was it conveyed in the huddle to foul?