This past All-Star weekend was an unforgettable experience for Pelicans star sophomore forward Anthony Davis. In what will no doubt be the first of many All Star experiences, Davis both sparkled and learned he has room to grow. One of the many elements that made this maiden All Star voyage so special for Davis, he was undoubtedly the hometown favorite. "It being here in New Orleans," Davis said. "I didn't have to fly anywhere. I just went 10 minutes up the street. A lot of fans were supporting me, everybody was behind me. I'm just glad it was here. For my first All-Star to be here in New Orleans, I will always remember that." Davis was admittedly a bit nervous to play surrounded by the league's greatest names, but he showed presence and maturity, stepping up and sinking a 20-foot shot just 12 seconds after he checked into the game. "I didn't think I was going to be that nervous," Davis smiled. "The other guys told me, 'Don't shoot a jumper on your first shot.' I didn't want to shoot it, but I thought, 'I'm too open and nobody is running out to me, so I've got to shoot it.' Millions of people are watching. I'm just glad I hit my first shot."